Lets Take A Moment!

It is May 2013, This is the time of the year where the grand strand receives the highest density of buyers at one time. I hear from ocean front investors instate and out of town that they want to wait until after the season. Your chance to get the most money for your investment is now! I’d like to share with you just a couple reasons.


1. More Showings creates more opportunities for an offer.

2. Immediate Return on Investment with rental programs.


As we take a moment and look at the national real estate market we see GREAT NEWS!! Is it really? Supply is running out demand is growing banks are getting nervous. I can only imagine that in time interest rates will increase at a manageable rate. It really takes us to the next question.

What better time is now to buy here on the Grand Strand? Here is a list of a few things that are working for you!


1. Low Interest Rates

2. Larger inventory


We must be aware of TIME! Those 2 things that are working for you! Are slowly going to change.

There are examples I can provide you that is factual data, where folks who waited a month paid $5,000 more dollars for the same property a month later.

So quick math, because we all love numbers. 24hours x 30days = 720 hours in a month.

Now $5,000 / 720 = $6.94 So you can see very easily that time is not on your side. Now there are more extreme cases in this market, where prices have increased $10,000 in over a couple months time. No way I am suggesting we are heading towards a Bubble. I am observing data that points to us actually having a increase in sales of 31% in April, and this is a step into a slight up tick in are local market.


We also have to be aware that on the Grand Strand properties appreciate at a historical rate of 3-4%.


Help me by letting me know how I can be of service to you!

Your Realtor,

Ron Windsor